Frequently asked questions

Are tracks included?

Backing tracks / multi tracks are not included in the videos. They have click tracks but are designed to sync up perfectly with the products provided by  

Can i make a request?

Please do! We are concentrating on songs in the top 10 on and would love to hear what songs you'd like us to tackle next. We will be asking that exact question on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook from time to time so get involved!

Are these commissioned by the artists?

No. Grant has over 10 years of experience creating visuals for church and christian artists' tours and album recordings. He would often get asked if he could sell visuals for specific songs and he would always say no because they were created and payed for by the artists. That's why this site exists! You won't see these visuals on the latest DVD but Grant is committed to using the same methods and expertise.

How do I get in touch about problems or glitches?

Please write us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Teams all over the world playback video-to-click in many different ways. Abelton (via midi/timecode) and ProPresenter (embedded in the video) seem to be the most popular options. Sadly there isn't currently a way to sync Seeing Sounds products using the Multitracks app.

How often will new inventory be made available?

Short answer: we are not super sure right now. That's why it's really important to stay connected via the social channels so you can get all the latest updates. But currently the plan is at least 1 a month.


What are the file specs?

Once you purchase you get the choice between a H264 .mp4 or an Apple ProRes422 .mov; both are 1920x1080 progressive sqaure pixels.