All Seeing Sounds content including logo, name and videos remain the copyright of Grant M. Fletcher.

Visuals can be shown in churches and christian gatherings, and then those gatherings can be broadcast (for free), but the visuals themselves must never be broadcast on their own, uploaded online, sold or shared. Churches can buy a visual once for use across multiple campuses but only within one city. Permission is required to use these visuals for any gathering or production with an audience of over 5000 people that requires paid entry or registration (for example ticketed conferences). These visuals are never to be used for an album recording or for projects that are to be sold.

The video content on this site must never be re-edited or used in any other context than as worship visuals for live screens; the only exception allowed is if you need to pair a backing track audio file with a video file, making one file.

Once you pay you can not get a refund; Seeing Sounds will of course endeavour to rectify any mistakes or glitches in the web portal if that’s the problem you face. Seeing Sounds reserve the right to change prices or remove content whenever we see fit.

Seeing Sounds is not authorised or endorsed by or the songwriters (hence all sold media contains no music).